Caucasus heliskiing

04.12.21 to 22.12.21 and February/March 2022

Do you fancy an adventure? Not sure if you're up to it?

We can reassure you and prepare you for an unforgettable experience in the middle of the Caucasus. We can offer you the chance to go Heliskiing Khulo Valley Gregoria in cooperation with Wucher Helikopter.

One week of heliskiing Khulo Valley
January/March 2021 (SA-SA)

”Heliskiing + Indulgence Package” including:

  • 6 days guided skiing
  • Incl. 12 hours flight time (approx 30.000m)
    (granted 8 hours / refund € 175 per not flown hour)
  • Transfers in Georgia
  • 7 nights accommodation Hotel Ambassadori in Goderdzi
  • Total package price € 7,900 per person
  • 3 hours transfer from Batumi international Airport


Minimum number of participants: 4 people | Flight from Europe to Batumi international Airport not included