Find the rhythm, feel the heartbeat, open your eyes.

LechErLeben is a guided program with different activities to recharge your life energy in the magical alpine nature of Lech Zürs. Central elements of the programme are active movement in nature, reflection as well as inspiration. Get to know the unique powerful places around Lech, let yourself be inspired by extraordinary guided activities and be brought to new thoughts. Whether it‘s yoga on the observation platform on the mountain, take a walk through the woods (Shinrin Yoku) or a mindful hike – to feel yourself in a community of like­minded people, to come to one‘s senses and become one with the powerful alpine nature ­ that‘s LechErLeben.

Program LechErLeben:

Monday: Pilates on the mountain with Uli Alber
Tuesday: Bike & Hike with Vinzenz Winglemayr
Wednesdays: Yoga on the mountain with Marilena Walch
Thursday: Feeling Lech - the healing power of the mountains with Veronika Walch
Friday: Tasting Lech - the healthy natural cuisine with Thorsten Probost
Saturday: Sunrise hike Mohnenfluh (2.542m) with Martin Murr

Please book on prior day online till 05:00 p.m.

from € 25 per event and person

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