Please inform us in advance about special needs or allergies!

Dinner freshly cooked with love on Tuesday

Starters to share
Focaccia with cherry tomato and pesto
Lamb’s lettuce salad with bacon and croutons
Bruscetta with pointed peppers

Beefbroth with sliced pancakes

Choice of main courses
Saddle of venison with spetzle and broccoli
Pike-perch with beluga lentil and parsnip cream

Curd cheese dumplings with apricot


À la carte orders for an additional charge
* Menu included in half board booking
* Pricing á la Carte - as set Menü starting € 54 (children up to 14 years € 20 )
* of course all single courses available á la Carte
pricing per course:
Per starter € 12 | Shared starters € 28 per person | Soup € 6 to € 12
Main course € 28 to 36 | Main course vegetrian € 30 | Dessert € 12

Online table request  for Dinner in our Angelika Kauffmann Stube or hotel-restaurant Abendweide  

Sincerely Family Schwärzler & Team



A good morning to you!

Elixir in the morning: Cappuchino, Latte, Espresso, Filtercoffee…
Tea – variety from our tea menu
Hot chocolate

Juices: oranges, blackcurrant, multi vitamin, apples
Fresh orange juice – € 6,--
Milk (fresh raw milk from our farmer in Lech,
soy, almonds, low fat, goat milk, lactose-free)

Our Lech baker Martin Walch provides us with fresh bread and pastry every morning.
We are happy to serve you at your table!

Toast: wholegrain or wheat, Croissants
Home made cake

Butter or margarine
Home made jams: apricots, strawberries, plums
Honey from St. Anton
Bread spreads: hazelnut creme, peanut butter, cottage cheese, Liptauer, fresh cheese, liver sausage

Home made Bircher Müsli
Nature or fruit yoghurt
Porridge with coconut milk, nuts and herbs

Fresh fruits or fruit salad
Dried fruits: pineapple, apricots, plums, banana chips, raisins

Cereals: corn flakes, chocolate flakes…
Nuts and seeds : sesame, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sun flower seeds

Freshly cooked from the kitchen:
Soft boiled, scrambled or fried eggs
If you like – with bacon, ham, chives, cheese or tomatoes

Sausage and/or cheese specialties from Vorarlberg
Mixed pickles

You can find a choice of local and international newspapers – either on your own device or on one of our suite pads in your room or in the restaurant.
Our team is happy to help. Only Claudia is quite useless with computers 😊

We are using fresh and natural products – they can contain allergens.
Our service team will inform you, if required!

Pleasure at the highest level

We care about allergy sufferers!

Of course we will take care about special needs and requests regarding food. Allergies, food intolerances or special diet regulations need to be followed. We will do our best in order to fulfill your needs regarding meal plan – the earlier we know the better we can serve… Thank you for understanding, that on short time notice we will be limited in the offer. As we have set our focus on fresh products and whenever possible of local producers and supporters, we have to plan meals and delivery well in advance…. Special requests regarding meals and menus we will try to fulfill best possible  - the earlier we know the better the result will match your demand!

  • glutenfree (A)
    we are very happy to organize special bread, cereals and other products  to diversify your meals; of course we will have to cook and prepare separately in order to avoid any contamination.
  • lactose-free (G) / intolerances
    our fresh milk (Farmer Wolfgang Huber – Lech) is a very important product in the kitchen (milk, cream, butter,….); we only will use  alternative vegetational products 
  • diabetes, intolerance to other products, or simply avoiding something you do not like….

Here the overview regarding the allergenes - Type A to R!
We will inform you personally - menu selection is not repeating or standardtized, we use fresh poducts and follow the rules of the "whole food philosophy"!

Please aknowlege that "VEGAN" is a very special, personal choosen meal plan and not a standard - we are depending on delivery chains, as cooking takes place separately and mosten has to be a different menu. So without pre notice the offer will be limited!

Please let us know your special needs and wishes  early (best already when booking)  - so you can look forward into a wholesome and enjoyable holiday. Please do not hesitate to contact our service crew or our head chef at any time!



Offer: packed lunch

Take Out for eventful days

With pleasure we will prepare a nice packed lunch with soft drink (for an early start, your ski day, a mountain tour,...) start. € 15 per person.

Please pre order in the restaurant or at Front desk.
Fresh bread is delivered every morning from Backstube Lech - so we have to plan ahead and order in the evening.
So please do understand, that we have to charge min. € 7,50 for self taken sandwiches, etc. from breakfast buffet.


BBQ Backpack

packed and ready for your BBQ-Adventure along Lech River ...

please pre order  - we will pack it according to your wishes and needs.
marinated meat, steaks, vegetables, potatoes, sauces, wine,....
starting € 45


Enjoy a daily changing menu and specialities in the setting of engravings and graphics by the co-founder of the Royal Academy in London, who comes from the Bregenz Forest. Hubert Schwärzler's art and picture collection makes a significant contribution to Haldenhof's presentation of this unique style today. All of the house’s rooms are characterised by artistic elements, making you feel at home.


Specialities for 2 available on pre-order:

Bregenzerwald Cheese Fonde
Salad aside, Bread and more
€ 49 per person
(as menu with sarters and desert € 89 per person)

Chef Georg´s caramelized "Kaiserschmarrn" for 2
with home made fruit stew and ice cream
€ 18 per person


Please request and reserve a table for your selected evening!

Enjoy the daily changing offer, 
offered as a menu or single courses!
Joy & delightful highlights at the Haldenhof. 


The heart of the house is our "Sammelplatz” day bar. It is both a recreation and a gathering area. Cocktails, the open fireplace, upholstered furniture and country-style decor invite you to catch up, celebrate, indulge, read or just dose off. A special place with a pulse.

The protected sun terrace and Claudia´s garden invite to stay.

Austrian wine culture, a nice "Brettjause" with products from Alpe Batzen or a light Spuntino and more.


A little morning hike to Stubenbach - approx. 30 minutes. A simple but delicious farmers breakfast will be waiting for you. Filtered coffee or herbal tea, sour-dough bread, raw milk and products, home made curd and butter, homemade jam and marmalade, bacon and mixed pickels, local honey & more.

We focus on products of our local farmer Wolfgang Huber (Milk & meat). Eggs and Saffron are a project of three young boys here from Lech.

Our Chef Georg Paar will spoil you with various warm - old farmers dishes, newly interpreted! You will love our Egg Surprise. As sweet finish our "Fedlkoch"...
We kindly ask for reservation as only 12 seats are available!
€ 48


We will organize a varying dinner in the little stable for friends. It might be Fondue or Raclette, or a barbecue night, or other local specialities,... It is all about having a change!


From Neni´s Zoo

handmade with love

20,00 €   Lieblingstier small
30,00 €   Lieblingstier big

Neni is hungarian for Granny....
Our friend and housemaid Andrea is manufacturing each one with lots of love - every single pet is unique.