Spa experience at the Haldenhof

Moments of wellbeing

Here you can see the live utilization of our wellness & SPA area.

  • [Green] Low utilization - you can visit the SPA area
  • [Yellow] High utilization - please wait a little longer before visiting the SPA
  • [Red] Full utilization - please try again at a later time

    visit s´Hofbädle Spa
  • keyboard_arrow_rightBinding Spa & Health Regulations

    "The flower of the noblest mind is consideration!"

    The rules of the spa etiquette are binding, because they mean exactly this
    consideration for other guests mean!

    • You can recognize a connoisseur when entering the spa:
      freshly showered wearing a bathrobe and slippers
    • Sauna, steam bath and sanarium are traditionally attended without
      swimm wear, wrapped in a towel
      only, as this is the
      appropriate clothing!
    • Street shoes and clothing are generally TABU in the spa
    • Sauna, steam bath, sanarium and treatments are entered
      only freshly showered, dried and wrapped in a bath towel!
      (only in this way he achieves the desired effect of the application

      and   fulfills 100% of the hygiene standards)
    • The connoisseur always sits or lies only on a towel,
      no direct body contact with the facility
      and wears for hygienic
      reasons no syntetic bathing clothes!
    • He uses rest islands and relax boxes only dry and in a bathrobe,
      he also leaves them in such a way that the next guest can also feel well
      guest can feel comfortable
      and does not have to clean up the towels
      and empty teaware must be cleared away.
    • Electronic devices Entertainment devices, especially devices with camera
      (privacy) or telephones are TABU
    • Children are welcome to use the sauna, steam bath and sanarium,
      but under the guidance of an adult.
    • The relaxation area and saunas are no adventure playground and
      a reasonable volume must be maintained - respect for other guest!
    • From 17:30 we politely request that the spa area is reserved for adults!
    • The Vitality Pool is not supervised - use at your own risk,
      as well as use of shampoo and shower bath are prohibited in this area!
    • Jumping in is also prohibited, as the water depth is only 1.2m!

    Our s´Hofbädle Spa:

    • The spa area s'Hofbädle is easily accessible for you by elevator (-1).
    • It is available to you regularly from 14.00 to 20.00 o'clock.
    • On request, of course, earlier - please register so that we can "preheat".
    • Use comfortably the possibility and inform you already in the room about
      the current occupancy rate in the Hofbädle Spa - above.
    • a secret advise for those seeking peace and quiet - between 16:30 and 18:30 it is usually "busy".
    • We will be happy to inform you at the reception about the treatments, or show you the
      the area also outside the operating hours in order not to disturb other guests.

    Massages & Physiotherapy Treatments:

        Available in the house, make an appointment at the reception:
        House we offer physiotherapeutic treatments as well as classic sport,
        or relaxation massages.
        Our partner: Physio Grip, Physiosport Muxel and Alpine Sports - 45 minutes cost from € 85
        Cosmetic treatments, respectively pedicure and manicure are available on request (mobile service).
        We are happy to arrange appointments for our guests with our partners:
        Krone Beauty & Spa, Burg Vital.

    Workout & Gym

    • Workout & Gym Modern equipment for your individual work out, bowling, climbing wall, ....
      Sportpark Lech

    We wish you good rest and relaxation!