Brunch in the little barn

Treat yourself to a short morning hike along the Flühenweg to Stubenbach. We await you with dishes and products that are only available from us in our small barn. Häferl coffee, mountain herb tea, oven-fresh sourdough bread, farm milk and butter, homemade curd cheese, bacon and pickled vegetables, our jam, Arlberg honey. Old dishes and cooking techniques reinterpreted and accompanied by small tasting courses. Wolfgang Huber's Lech milk is the centrepiece! 

Elderberry whey, our surprise egg, Riebel, Fedelkoch, and much more, which you can only get from us!

Surprise your friends with this special moment of pleasure!

with advance reservation, as there is only room for 12 friends.
€ 48


A la Carte in the Angelika Kauffmann Stube

In addition to our daily changing gourmet menu
3 evenings with fine selection of dishes & Schmanckerln á la Carte.

We ask for advance reservations!


Surprise menu with 3 courses

Alternately, each chef presents a small menu of 3 dishes,
that he has always wanted to make or simply likes himself.

  • Time: Every Sunday from 19:00 hrs.
  • Registrations under:
    +43 5583 2444 0 | schwaerzler@haldenhof.at
  • Meeting place: Angelika Kauffmann Stube in Haldenhof

Please book in advance!
€ 28


As a culinary extension of your holiday, or as a souvenir to take home ...

A fine selection of homemade products and delicacies - practical and durable in jars...

Dandelion and maiwipferl honey, homemade ketchup, Swiss stone pine schnapps, raspberry schnapps, jam and preserves from Lake Constance fruit, feel-good bread baking mix, ginger and elder syrup, Swiss stone pine balsam, orange marmalade with a twist, and much more. 

Neni's cuddly toys
Neni is how the grandmother is called in Hungary and we also lovingly call our young governess Andi Neni. Let yourself be enchanted by her handmade stuffed animals. Individual, unique, cute....

available at Haldenhof

Homemade to extend your holiday enjoyment even further!

Drinks in the Boutille 0,25l

32,00 €   Swiss pine schnapps
28,00 €   Raspberry schnapps
05,00 €   Apple juice, naturally cloudy from Styria

Mush in a glass: 250g

11,50 €   Apple
11,50 €   Quince

Balsam bottle 0,25l

6,90 €   Elderberry
6,90 €   May sap
6,90 €   Swiss pine

Syrup bottle 0,25l

5,90 €   Elderberry
5,90 €   Glacier
5,90 €   Ginger

Jam in a glass 250g

8,50 €    Strawberry
8,50 €    Apricot
8,50 €    Bitter orange

Honey in a jar 250g

8,50 €   Fir tree tips
8,50 €   Dandelion

Fuel in a glass

15,00 €   "Fedelkoch"
18,00 €   "Wonnebrot" (gluten-free bread mix)
14,50 €   "Wonnemüsli" (power for the day)
14,50 €   "Ketchup" (according to grandma's recipe)

From Neni's Zoo

A present with a heart

20,00 €   Favourite animal small
30,00 €   Favourite animal big

Indulgence at the Haldenhof

Give the gift of wonderful moments

Give the gift of joy

Make someone happy with an extraordinary gift.

We look forward to seeing you!